We are contacting all site owners about the imminent change coming to the Google Chrome browser (due later this month) which will highlight clearly if a website is 'Not Secure'. This is if the site doesn't have an SSL certificate or isn't using it (using http instead of https).

SSL certificates have been expensive in the past, caused sites to perform slower due to the encryption and decryption which occurs with every page view, and the general advice that you only need it for e-commerce. But, things have changed significantly recently.

We now offer SSL for free on all of our hosting platforms and encourage you to make use of this.

But, it may mean moving you onto a newer server if you're currently on one of our older ones. This can be painless, though. It won't cost you anything and will mean an increase in performance as well as showing 'Secure' to visitors.

There's a good chance SSL is already installed on your site. To check, just change http to https in the URL and see if you get a warning. If it says 'Secure', you're sorted and can start using it. If you get a warning, contact us so we can schedule in installing it or migrating you if that's necessary.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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