Planned server reboot

We have a scheduled reboot of Server 51 at 10pm on Tuesday 18th February to address a DNS issue. It should cause a loss of service for up to 5 minutes but we don't anticipate anything longer.

18th Feb 2020
SSL certificates

We are contacting all site owners about the imminent change coming to the Google Chrome browser (due later this month) which will highlight clearly if a website is 'Not Secure'. This is if the site doesn't have an SSL certificate or isn't using it (using http instead of https).SSL certificates have been expensive in the past, caused sites to ... Read More »

17th Jul 2018
GDPR Information

You’re probably fed up with receiving emails from so many organisations asking you to opt in again to continue hearing from them. This is all to do with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which come into force this Friday (25th May 2018). We’ve updated our privacy notice at which outlines ... Read More »

23rd May 2018